1. Lessons from Language: CFS41 in Hindsight

    by Khristian Méndez // Two weeks ago, Chairperson Gerda Verburg was wrapping up CFS41 in a room that had perhaps a third of the people who were there on opening day. An exhausting experience, this […]

  2. Lost and Wasteful

    by Khristian Mendez //   I spent most of the day yesterday with the Civil Society working group of Food Losses and Waste. We left the building at 11pm, carrying behind us the dread of […]

  3. Let us walk out of the hunger map

    by khristian mendez // A world free from hunger and malnutrition. That is what we are here to imagine. Yesterday, the 41st Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS41) began. We heard introductions […]

  4. Nothing about us, without us / The 5th Annual CSO Forum

    by Clara Mareschal & Khristian Méndez // We are at work. Civil Society Organizations from around the world are gathered once more at the FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy, to prepare in advance their coordinated […]

  5. We Need to Talk About Adaptation

    by khristian méndez // As the President of Guatemala walked out the room, the First National Congress on Climate Change came to an end. Behind the President, Otto Pérez Molina, came a parade of political […]

  6. Divided before a Changing Climate

    by khristian méndez // Bright eyed and still a little weary from a charged first day, the First National Congress on Climate Change carried on today in Guatemala City. As I wrote yesterday, there’s quite […]

  7. Weaving Climate Knowledge in a Torn-Apart Country: the First Guatemalan Congress on Climate Change

    by khristian méndez //   History was made today in Guatemala City: Government entities, private sector representatives, all but one of the universities in the country, international organizations, NGOs and indigenous peoples all came together […]

  8. You Could Have It All – Day 5 and Report of OWG12

    by khristian méndez // The 12th session of the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals has come to an end. At 5pm on friday, co-chair Kamau wrapped up the informal session of negotiations of […]

  9. Heat in the Room – Day 4 OWG12

    by khristian méndez // Temperature has risen in New York City, both on all of the concrete and glass surfaces of this giant man-made complex, as well as in the negotiation rooms. Everybody can agree that […]

  10. Can we score goals in the right place? – Day 2+3 OWG12

    by khristian méndez // Inside the Headquarters of the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals are being negotiated. Negotiations are taking place not only between governments at the formal and informal negotiations at the ECOSOC […]

  11. What exactly is the way forward? – Day 1 OWG12

    by khristian méndez // A little after 9am this morning, the doors of the Economic and Social Council Chamber were opened to dozens of members of Civil Society who were awaiting the morning briefing. Right […]

  12. Sustainable History / Historia Sostenible

    by khristian méndez // EN / Ever wondered what gave rise to the Sustainable Development Goals? and how did these summits began in the first place? Find out after the jump! ES / ¿Alguna vez […]

  13. Earth in Brackets hits the airwaves!

    by Khristian Méndez EN – Hello! As part of our work on the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals, we will by publishing a series of podcasts, the first of which can be found […]

  14. Sustainable Development Glee

    by khristian méndez These eight little icons will serve to illustrate the past fifteen years in the global politics of sustainable development. These icons, along their accompanying statement, represent the Millennium Development Goals. And as […]

  15. Hard and Fast Facts – Part 2

    by Khristian Méndez The talks and negotiations going on at the FAO Headquarters in Room have changed rooms, have changed voices and have changed tones. After having a few days for Civil Society to try […]

  16. Hard and Fast Facts on What’s Happening in Rome

    by Khristian Méndez — As a preparatory meeting for the 40th Plenary Session of the World Committee on Food Security, over 175 representatives from Civil Society met yesterday at the Headquarters of the Food and […]

  17. The doughnut model of development

    by khristian méndez // Two words seem to be hanging with strings from the clouds over Rio de Janeiro these days, making their way into everyone’s mouth: Sustainable Development. They are in there because they […]

  18. El Color de la Economía

    por Khristian Méndez // Tendemos a adherir la palabra “Verde” al nombre de productos para caracterizarlos como(de) “Ecológicos” o más amigables con el medio ambiente, y promoverlos como tales. Esta verdad aplica también a la […]


  1. FAO 41st Committee on World Food Security

    Nine COA students will take part in the 5th Annual Civil Society Forum of the International Civil Society Mechanism for Food Security and Nutrition (CSM) and the 41st Session of the Committee on World Food […]

  2. 12th Session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

    A two-person team will attend the 12th Session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals, in New York City, USA. Khristian Mendez is a Davis and Drier scholar at College of the Atlantic, who […]

  3. Rio+20: UN Conference on Sustainable Development

    This group of COA students will be diving into the thick of it in Rio de Janeiro in June, reporting directly from the belly of the UN beast as the Conference on Sustainable Development negotiates […]