Class of 2015

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Before you go (or decide not to go) to the PreCOP in Venezuela, consider this

by Adrian Fernandez Jauregui About a week ago, I got an email from an European friend who is part of the European Youth Climate Movement. My friend was sharing his frustrations and concerns regarding the views of many Western organisations and media outlets with regards to the upcoming preCOP in Caracas, a big climate gathering […]

The pre-COP: a chance we must take

by Maria Escalante & Adrian Fernandez Jauregui Coming to the Conference of the Parties this year at Warsaw, Poland (COP19) confirmed us that climate change negotiations, under the UNFCCC, are not advancing in even reducing the only incremental climate change impacts, much less considerably mitigating global carbon emissions, transferring resources for adaptation, or fairly compensating […]

High Level Round Table Discussion on Markets

by J. Taggart Wass and Adrian Fernandez Jauregui Today, there was a High-level round table aimed to address carbon markets under the UNFCCC titled “market approaches for enhanced climate action”. The event was advertised as a an opportunity for discussion about issues relating to how and where markets are being addressed under the convention and […]

Press Release: Climate activists thrown out for solidarity with victims of typhoon Haiyan

12 NOVEMBER 2013 The UN climate talks opened on Monday in the backdrop of the devastating impacts of Typhoon Haiyan one of the strongest storms ever to hit landfall. Yeb Sano, climate commissioner for the Philippines made an electrifying and emotional appeal for action on climate. Delegates held an unprecedented 3 minute silence in solidarity, […]