Class of 2014

<- Back to Alumni  Ana Puhac / Ana’s blogs Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler / Jivan’s blogs Nathan Thanki / Nathan’s Blogs Taggart Wass / Taggart’s Blogs **************************** Nathan Thanki back to top What are you up to now? ummm… well i just graduated so gimme a minute. I’m in Peru as a sort of floating activist on behalf of the Global Campaign, but […]

Expectations, Expectations

Why global summits matter: Rio+20 by Ana Puhač When last December TIME magazine featured the “the protester” as the person of the year, I thought how in the future, that publication could be seen as one of the most symbolic images that marked the start of a new global era. The world is in crisis? […]

Bottoms up

by Ana Puhac After witnessing the process of negotiations on the Zero Order draft compilation document for only three days, disappointment in the spaces of the UN Headquarters is laughably apparent. Disappointment is not an unforeseen ingredient when dealing with the global political scene and UN. However, when it is implied in mordant remarks of […]

Jean-Pierre Thebault and France/EU at Side Events

  By Bogdan Zymka (Drawing by Ana Puhac) Side events at the Informal-Informals in New York provide insight into what civil society is up to while the formal informal negotiations go on inside the ECOSOC conference room. Major Groups and NGOs are hosting discussions outside of the negotiations in order to open dialogue with civil […]