“Water for Sustainable Growth” — What are we talking about here?

Guest blog by Galen Hecht Report from World Water Week, Stockholm, August 28-September 2, 2016 “We need a circular economy,” a different model, one that defies the structures that our lawmakers are accustomed to. To achieve water security and sanitation, we need a model that will create self supporting systems, an economy based not on […]

Class of 2013

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An Additional Youth Statement on Water

An Additional Youth Statement on Water March 16, 2012 Youth are the future decision makers of the world. We must be forward thinkers because we will inherit a planet shaped by the actions of today. We are innovative by nature, and we call upon those involved in water issues to listen to and engage with […]

Diluting the Human Right to Water

–Lisa Bjerke & Ken Cline Past World Water Forums have reverberated with NGO and youth calls for the recognition of water as a human right. After years of campaigning the UN General Assembly declared safe, clean drinking water and sanitation a human right “essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights” […]