The disaster of hurricane Matthew in Haiti – a consequence of climate change

by Sara Löwgren  Once again a poor country which has contributed insignificantly to climate change has been hit catastrophically by its consequences. As our climate continues to change as a result of our irresponsible actions vulnerable countries continue to suffer from the impacts.

L’eau Est La Vie: “The fight against the Black Snake moves south”

by Matthew Kennedy Only months ago, highly explosive crude oil began to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), or the Black Snake, as it was named by the Indigenous and allied activists at Standing Rock who organized massive opposition to its construction. The pipeline has since then leaked five times along its route. Proposals for […]

Thank You Denmark!!!

by Matthew Two rounds of applause concluded Denmark’s Minister for the Environment and Nordic Cooperation, Connie Hedegaard, at her high-level speech today. Finally somebody said what we all were thinking, and more. Connie started off her speech with a question: “Does anybody here think that Climate Change is not a problem?” Silence followed. Then another […]

Deforestation in Developing Countries Discussed at SBSTA

-by Matthew The second meeting of SBSTA started off with a bang yesterday. Agenda item 5, the first agenda item discussed at the meeting, dealt with deforestation in developing countries. Much praise was given to the work accomplished at the deforestation workshop in Rome. There seemed to be universal agreement amongst those parties initiating in […]

Carbon Offsets with NativeEnergy

-by Matthew In 19 days I will be in Boston’s Logan International Airport ready for 14 hours and 40 minutes of sitting in a Boeing 747. I will fly 7,513 miles going 895km/h over the Atlantic Ocean towards a part of the world I have never been to, to attend a very important international conference […]