The Mexico City Pact is Officially Presented at COP16

-by Moisés Flores Baca On November 21 of this year the the World Mayors Summit on Climate took place in Mexico City, there, mayors from 142 cities around the world signed the “Mexico City Pact”, by which the signatories commit themselves to take meaningful action to reduce the emissions produced by their cities. Yesterday such […]

Ocean acidification, a problem that requires more attention than it has received

-by Moisés Flores Baca Yesterday I attended a side event about ocean acidification titled “Taking action on Ocean Acidification: Opportunities under UNFCCC” organized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It focused on the ways ocean acidification can be included within international policy against climate change, something that really has to be put […]

The need for radicalism to make meaningful change

by Moisés Flores Baca Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a side event organized by the Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (COAST trust) titled “Rights for climate induced forced migrants: Responsibility of international community”. Even though it was not among the best side events I have attended here at COP16 thus far -especially […]

Klimaforum on the Youth and Future Generations day: a disappointment.

by Moisés Flores Baca Note: I started writing this entry before Graham Reeder his about the Klimaforum, so I apologize if I repeat something he already mentioned. I think I speak  not only of behalf of my fellow COA COP16 delegates, but also on behalf of many other delegates from other youth organizations when I […]