The Clash of Paradigms and Durban [Disaster]

by Samuli Sinisalo In the UNFCCC, and especially in Durban, there are two major forces in play. The obvious surface is of course that of saving the planet and the climate system from disastrous anthropogenic interference. That is why these meetings are organized in the first place, and it is even inscribed in article two […]

Time to come up with solutions

by Samuli Sinisalo The final negotitations in Durban just began. The different negotiating bodies will meet in this order: Ad-hod working group on Kyoto Protocol, Ad-hoc working group on Long Term Cooperative Action, Conference of Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to Kyoto Protocol and finally the closing plenary of the Conference of […]

Negotiations drag onwards..

by Samuli Sinisalo The ministerial consultations went on last night. The announcement after 11pm was that no plenaries will convene before 10am on Saturday. It is no about 4pm on Saturday, and no negotiations have begun. Consultations continue. The situation is too unclear to give a comprehensive update at the moment. But, I have come […]

The last night draws on

by Samuli Sinisalo The texts just presented were not accepted by the Group of 77 and China. Later EU also denounced the documents. Canada had called more ambition from China and India. This was done by name, which is not very politically correct – especially from a country like Canada, which has notoriously low ambition. […]

The Last Night in Durban

by Samuli Sinisalo A lot has happened today, I hope. Everything that is going on takes place behind closed doors, so we have no way of accurately reporting it the play by play. The ministerial Inbada started just few minutes ago, and that will hopefully bring some clarity to the situation. So far there are […]