On Irretrievability

by Trudi Zundel The last few nights at COP are characteristically grim. Ministers have arrived and Parties have been in closed sessions for two straight days. Negotiations have been in a deadlock for a week and a half—North and South are fundamentally opposed on most major issues. This is the time when the powerful players […]

More on Climate-Smart Agriculture: still not good for farmers, but at least people are talking about it

By Trudi Zundel (Cross-posted from IATP)  The Institute for Agriculture Trade and Policy asked me to write about their side event at UNFCCC. Nada described to us the skin-crawling frustration of most Climate-Smart Agriculture side events, which I can certainly attest to. However, I'm happy to report back on a side event moderated by COA's […]

and the last night bleeds into an extra day

by Trudi Zundel Quick update from the conference center. Civil society was not in fact kicked out of the ICC–after some negotiations of our own with the secretariat, it was agreed that we could stay if we were working, but that those who were sleeping would be asked to leave. It’s going to be a […]

A Manufactured Process

by Trudi Zundel Allow me to quickly clarify that I’m not an idealist about the UN; I know that the concept of a “fair” international negotiation is  contradicted by the presence of global hegemons–outcomes certainly don’t reflect a middle ground between nations. However, the last three years of UNFCCC negotiations have shown us that although […]