Class of 2015

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Days 10-11 Policy Updates: The Storm Before the Storm

By Nathan Thanki with input from Katie O’Brien, Anjali Appadurai, and others. Photos by Rachel Wells In short, the negotiations are falling apart. We say that with utmost respect for the work being done by our negotiator allies and friends among civil society observers. It is not their fault. Nor is it the fault of […]

SBI Closing Intervention

The following is the intervention given by Katie O’Brien at the Subsidiary Body for Implementation’s closing session, written by the Youth NGO’s working group on Loss and Damage.

On the way to the Rally

By Katie O’Brien I’m currently writing this post from my phone in a van on the way to the rally against the flow-reversal of the Portland-Montreal Pipeline. Thirty COA students are heading down, quite a few of whom are involved with Earth in Brackets.

Loss and Damage: Missing from the text

by Graham Reeder and Katie O’Brien As we came to Doha last week, we were fully expecting Loss and Damage to be a key outcome of this conference in Doha. Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC went to the African Meeting of the Ministers of the Environment to encourage them to push for […]