Class of 2015

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“You have never seen a coalition like this before”

by Lara Shirley and J. Taggart Wass Today, in an unprecedented show of solidarity between all elements of civil society, there was a massive walkout of COP19.  The action involved 800 members of civil society protesting the complete lack of progress in this year’s conference. The move was a culmination of many different frustrations: the […]

Day 9 Policy Updates: let’s talk about text, baby

by Lara Shirley We are entering the point in the COP where negotiation spaces are mostly closed to us, and draft decision text is being generated from the various areas of work. To see the documents published so far, go here. Things to look out for: there are some areas that haven’t been concluded yet and are […]

What the HECK is up with REDD+?!?!: A Summary Of My Struggles Up Until Now

by Lara Shirley This is part of a REDD+ trilogy featured here on [earth]: Lara is angry and confused, Lara is just angry, and Lara gets technical. Stay tuned for the next installment! REDD+ is complex, illogical and confusing. I kind of dislike it a lot. After having spent what feels like far too much […]

Day 3 Policy Updates: Contact Groups

by Lara Shirley There has been a general breakdown of bigger negotiations into smaller contact groups, which are often closed. COP In Finance, all agenda items were discussed. However, long term finance proved to be the most contentious. Philippines on behalf of the G77 stressed the importance of clarity in the pledged 100 billion per […]