[Earth] intervention at the SBI closing session

On December 5, Maria Escalante of [Earth] delivered the SBI closing session intervention for Climate Justice Now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdofYWXumxw&feature=youtu.be On a day where UNEP has confirmed that the cost of adaptation is continuing to rise, and could become $500 billion per year or much higher by 2050, we have to register our deep disappointment and anger […]

Kate Dooley Interview

On Dec. 6 during the Global Landscape Forum (a side event happening in parallel with the COP) Kate Dooley, a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and an expert in carbon markets, carbon trading and forests and land-use, was part of a panel discussing “A rights-based approach to comprehensive land use planning”. Proceeding the […]

Cambiando el Sistema, No el Clima: la PreCOP Social de Julio ha comenzado

texto original por Nathan Thanki, abajo traduccion en  Espanol por Maria Escalante Saludos a todos desde Isla Margarita, el lugar de la primera preCOP social sobre el cambio climático. En los últimos años, hemos venido publicando en este sitio muchos comunicados, informes, polémicas, y lamentos desde los prefabricados y fríos espacios de las negociaciones sobre […]

The pre-COP: a chance we must take

by Maria Escalante & Adrian Fernandez Jauregui Coming to the Conference of the Parties this year at Warsaw, Poland (COP19) confirmed us that climate change negotiations, under the UNFCCC, are not advancing in even reducing the only incremental climate change impacts, much less considerably mitigating global carbon emissions, transferring resources for adaptation, or fairly compensating […]

First day, first actions, first signs of hope

by Lucas Burdick                 This is a late post, and very much a developing story. “Climate change means we face a future where super typhoons will no longer be one-in-one hundred year events…” said head negotiator for the Philippines, Yeb Sano, at the opening plenary of the COP. […]