Angela Valenzuela
-was born in Santiago, Chile. In 2013 she graduated from Pearson College, UWC of the Pacific in Canada. She is currently a third year student at College of the Atlantic. At COA she has focused her studies on Global Environmental Politics, Social Theory, and Music. Last year she attended  the climate negotiations in Lima and played the song “hombre de papel” inside and outside the conference. After that experience Angela along with Augustin Martz have decided to dedicate a whole academic term to the compositions of songs that can translate climate politics and justice into music. If you want to know more about their project, please visit: www.agualibre.net

Augustin Martz
was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He graduated from UWC of the Adriatic in 2012. Now he is studying human ecology at College of the Atlantic, where he has focused on Climate Politics, Theater and Music. Last year he went to the COP20 in Lima together with Earth in Brackets and brought political music along together with Angela Valenzuela. This has developed into a project, for which the two musictivists spend fall and winter in Paris to compose songs for the conference. Augustin is eager to communicate the pain that we feel in the face of climate change and let it transform into the loving connection of a broad and deep movement for climate justice. You can learn more about the project here: agualibre.net

Paige Nygaard

was born and raised on the coast of Maine. There, she spent many hours a day exploring the outdoors. Paige is in her third year at COA focusing on renewable energy, sustainable business and investment, and international climate politics. Paige was self-taught through high school. During this time she lived in Chicago, studied at an art school there, Marwen, and attended Conserve School, an environmental semester school in northern Wisconsin. At an early age she became involved in fighting for social justice and environmental conservation. Later, she realized the inseparable nature of these two issues and how important it was to fight for them together. Paige wants to learn how she can best fight for climate justice locally and internationally, realizing it will take efforts from many different levels to solve complex problems. She was introduced to the UNFCCC during the SB42 session in Bonn this June. During these two weeks she quickly fell in love with fighting for climate justice in this space. She recently attended the ADP session this October in Bonn. She hopes to focus on Workstream Two and renewable energy during COP21.