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A group of seven students has been preparing for this year’s conference. Five have been participating and contributing to an advanced tutorial at College of the Atlantic on the UNFCCC negotiations. All seven will be going to Bonn, Germany and participating in the UNFCCC COP23, Conference of the Youth, Global Landscape Forum as well as many other events, gatherings, and conversations surrounding climate change. They will continue to approach this space in an equitable & just perspective. Learn more about us:

Agim Mazreku

Mazreku, Agim

was born and raised in Prizren, Kosovo. Through his engagement in organizing numerous events related to environmental education and awareness raising in the isolated youth of Kosovo, he learned the importance of networking. In 2016, he graduated from the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy. His academic interest led him to College of the Atlantic where he is currently in his second year as a Davis Scholar. Agim’s curriculum at COA is focused around climate and energy policy with many hands-on renewable energy projects. Back in Kosovo, he interned at the Ministry of Environment, where he acknowledged the need for human ecological approach in the policy-making world. In COP23, Agim will be following matters related to technology transfer for mitigation and adaptation in the developing countries, and the work of the complementary bodies of the Technology Mechanism. Agim will continue to follow TEC’s policy recommendations regarding mitigation technologies and energy efficiency in industries. He will be working with the ETC group to inform the public on the importance of the Technology Mechanism in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Andrea Fontana

 Fontana, Andrea

Born in a small village in Italy’s farthest east point, Andrea grew up by the Adriatic before studying on the Pacific while attending Pearson College UWC. After two years in the Canadian rainforest, Andrea moved to another small island, this time on the Atlantic, where he is a third year student at College of the Atlantic. Andrea’s studies have ranged from postcolonial and political philosophy to climate policy to performing arts. As a member of Earth in Brackets since his arrival at College of the Atlantic, Andrea has closely followed the development of the UNFCCC climate negotiations by exploring his will to engage at the international level first in Paris and then in Morocco where he officially attended his first Conference of the Parties (COP) as an observer. For COP23 in Bonn, Andrea will follow the development of the Warsaw International Mechanism and the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Andrea is also looking forward to engaging with different climate justice groups within this international space to promote a narrative of equity and climate justice.

Aura Silva Martinez 


was born and raised in the heart of Mexico City. In 2014, she graduated from the United World College of the Pacific in Canada. After this, she enrolled at College of the Atlantic in Maine (USA), where she is currently a fourth year. At COA, Aura has taken a focus on economic development, environmental sciences, and climate politics. In the Spring of 2015, she attended the UN negotiations for the Post-2015 Development Agenda in New York, where she followed closely the discussion around the Sustainable Development Goals. Two years ago, she attended the UN climate conference in Paris, COP 21, where she was highly involved both inside and outside of the negotiations, working on following policy as well as strategy-building and movements with civil society. Last year in Morocco, COP 22, Aura focused on the issues of Climate Finance, with a strong emphasis on understanding the procedural transition needed to begin the implementation of the Paris Agreement. This year in Bonn, COP 23, Aura will continue to follow issues of Climate Finance and their incorporation into the Paris Agreement, as well as other matters related to the Adaptation Fund, the Green Climate Fund, and the Standing Committee on Finance.

Kali Lamont

Lamont, Kali

grew up in rural Oregon which fostered a strong awareness for ongoing environmental challenges. She attended a traditional primary school in Portugal for three years which helped her build an intercultural understanding. After receiving her associate’s degree, she transferred to College of the Atlantic as a third year and quickly immersed herself in the work of Earth in Brackets. While taking courses in conflict resolution, climate science, and environmental policy, she has recognized the need for collaboration between policy makers, people in conservation, and environmental justice when working for solutions to environmental challenges. This will be Kali’s first COP where she plans to follow land use and is especially interested in observing how negotiators, nongovernmental organizations and civil society interact and communicate their goals and messages.

 Matthew Kennedy


was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in the southern United States. He is a fourth-year at College of the Atlantic, where he has studied international climate politics, ecological economics, and environmental law, and has long been involved with Earth in Brackets. In the past two years he has attended COP21 in Paris, where he followed discussions relating to the Long-Term Goal and assisted the delegation with action-planning, and the 46th session of the IPCC, where he monitored the discourse around geoengineering schemes. In Bonn, Matthew intends to track the progress of the Warsaw Mechanism on Loss & Damage, the design of the Global Stocktake, and more broadly the issue of equity in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Rachael Goldberg


spent her early days running around the forests and mountains of rural Maine, developing a deep love for the earth and the people on it.  She’s a third year at College of the Atlantic studying how we use land through a lense of climate policy, environmental science, social justice and environmental law.  She joined [Earth] in her first year and has valued the time dedicated towards creating dialogues around climate justice and equity. She attributes [Earth] to exposing her to the UNFCCC and driving her to be a member of the COP 22 delegation to Morocco. At COP 23 Rachael looks forward to continuing conversations about accountability and justice in the land sector as well as working and organizing with different climate justice groups.

Thule van den Dam

grew up in a village in the Netherlands, immigrating to an island off the west coast of Canada at the age of 9. At the age of 16, she left to finish high school at the Mahindra United World College in Maharashtra, India, before taking a nondescript gap year – and now is attending College of the Atlantic, on the east coast of the United States. Her studies are focusing on a mixture of critical theory, environmental politics, and the arts. There isn’t one way, one direction or approach, that’s going to solve this crisis; she wants to learn how to move forward in dissensus. She joined Earth in Brackets in my first year to learn more about community organizing around climate justice, and this will be my first COP. At COP23, she’ll be tracking the Warsaw International Mechanism and conversations (or lack thereof) around mobility and displacement.