Kimberly Lopez Castellanos was born and raised in New York City. She is a first year at College of the Atlantic. The Post 2015 Sustainable Development Intergovernmental Negotiation marks her first time attending a conference in the United Nations. She hopes to take this opportunity to help her understand how civil society plays a role and how well vulnerable groups are being recognized in the space.

Aura Silva comes from Mexico City. She is a Davis scholar at College of the Atlantic, where she is a first year. Before attending COA, she studied at the United World College of the Pacific in British Columbia, Canada. Her interests range from renewable energy, sustainability and economic global development. Attending the negotiations on the Sustainable Development Goals for the Post-2015 Agenda represent her first time inside a UN official space. She is hoping to learn as much as possible from the negotiation process and contribute with the civil society interactions, specially through the Major Group of Children and Youth.

Jenna Farineau was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She is attending her first year at College of the Atlantic with an interest and focus on Food Justice and Politics, Food Systems, Agriculture and Sustainability. This is her first time attending a conference in an official United Nations space – something that she has always dreamed about ever since she began attending the Kentucky United Nations Assembly conference in sixth grade. She is hoping to connect with other Major Groups, specifically the Major Group for Children and Youth and represent College of the Atlantic the best that she can. She also hopes to gain a better understanding of the views of each member state represented and what the next year will look like in regards to the implementation and negotiation of the sustainable development goals.