Again, the youth continue to give me hope. Our latest campaign – the Survival Campaign – has exceeded our wildest expectations.

Visit 350.org/survival to be a part of it.

Essentially we are asking countries to commit to the principle of safeguarding the survival of all countries and peoples. While not all countries have signed on (the US for example), we have received incredible support from other countries.

We printed out plackards for delegates to have with them at their tables during the ministerial high level segment. Unfortuneatly the UNFCCC doesn’t allow delegates to have unapproved things on their tables and security took some away. Despite this, Uganda and Sweden both placed the sign prominently in front of them during their speeches.

Now we need to make sure countries follow through with action.

I’ll give a larger update on the campaign soon!


There are even more countries with them out than I first thought – totally incredible. Not bad for a campaign that started 48 hours ago! The power of youth is amazing. One the list of those with plackards visible: Iceland, Solomon Islands, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Venezuela, Djibouti, Madagascar, Maldives, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and more! (I haven’t been paying complete attention due to emails and blogging).

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