The waiting game.

Sitting here in the plenary hall – about 30 people in the room. Not much going on. It’s 9pm and we haven’t even started the substantive work that was supposed to happen today. Just speeches. The COP and CMP decisions still need to be approved. I doubt this will be finalized tonight, but will anybody care enough to come back in the morning? The talks in Poznan have ended with a resounding “thud”.


10pm and still nothing. Apparently there are informal negotiations going on. This could be a long night. One the upside, I had a good conversation with a U.S. State Department civil servant.  It’s always nice to know there are geniunely good folks who are a part of the delegation, even if I don’t agree with what they are doing.


Well, looks like they are trying to power through everything tonight. Probably a good thing given the low level of interest. Having to come back tomorrow would just be frustrating. I’ll keep you all updated on what comes out of this.


Well, it’s almost 3am and it looks like things are going to be done soon. That isn’t necessarily a good thing though. Unfortuneatly I fell asleep for a little while (I’m super sick right now with a bad cold) and woke up to the developing countries speaking one after another completely venting their frustration with the process (rightfully so). Most of this has been total shit. Essentially, certain countries (specifically the EU) are more concerned about having any outcome then having a good outcome. This completely defeats the purpose when the most vulnerable among us are left without any support in the face of what developed countries have caused. I’ll get into more specifics soon once I recover a bit (both physically and emotionally).

One thought on “The waiting game.

  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the negotiations. You and the rest of the youth movement have to continue to get the message out to the rest of the planet, who go about their daily lives unaware that these negotiations are even going on. Take care of yourself so that you can continue the fight.

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