The COA bike path to Copenhagen

Welcome COA community, family, and friends.

Earth in Brackets is now hosting the College of the Atlantic delegation that will participate in the United Nations Climate Change negotiations this coming December in Copenhagen, Denmark. The outcome of the agreement in Copenhagen will determine if the world transitions to clean energy; and moves forward to a cleaner, healthier and independent future for our children and our countries.

We are 13 passionate students (intros and bios coming soon!) from the US, Finland, Saint Lucia, Peru, New Zealand, and India. Since last year – with help from professors Doreen Stabinsky and Ken Cline – we are learning all we can to engage internationally at these negotiations.

While we continue learning about the international process, we will share with you our reflections, insights, anecdotes, and analysis of this journey on our bike path to Copenhagen.

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    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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