worried about the next COP already…

-Nathan Thanki

It was just announced in the AWG-LCA (Ad-hoc working group for long-term cooperative action) that COP18 is going to be in…wait for it…Qatar!

What are the chances of the Emir, Hamad Bin Khalifa al Than, allowing for any loud and large civil society presence?

What are the chances that a Qatari COP-Presidency keeps the process open to all?

What hopes could we have (and, of course, much depends on how bad things could get here) of ever coming to a global emissions reduction agreement that is in line with the science to keep us below 2 degree warming?

Practical considerations and personal egos/relationships really do have a big impact on negotiations, policy, and therefore but for now, thoughts back to the talks here in Durban…

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