Outlining the Panels

– Robin Owings

As I sit in long meetings on water privatization, scarcity, and ethics, I have taken to documenting panelists (government officials, NGO heads, citizen leaders) with blind contour drawings. I look directly at the subjects and record them using a continuous line. Each line forms a caricature, reflecting the elements of those figures such as slouching shoulders, facial expressions, and hand gestures which I perceive (often on a subconscious level) to be important. I am sharing these sketches with Earth in Brackets to describe the dynamics and experience of these panels through a different format, because they often illustrate more about the individuals than I could say through writing.

 Panel 1. Integrated Water Resource Management For All: Make Water Resource Planning a Reality by adopting IWRM (Master) Plan

 Panel 2. Water Debate: Private/Public Involvement in the Provision of Water and Sanitation Services

Panel 3: detail of Maria Theresa at the Alternative World Water Forum preparatory meeting

Panel 4. High Level Panel on Water and Food Security







One thought on “Outlining the Panels

  1. Robin, these are really wonderful and really give it a different feel, with panelists seeming to face each other with big bottles of water between them. I just love the expressiveness you have managed to impart with a few lines. nice work.

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