[Earth] and Rio+20

Rio+20 delegation member Nimisha Bastedo created this video about Earth in Brackets and Rio+20!

Earth in Brackets at Rio+20 from [Earth in Brackets] on Vimeo.

Earth in Brackets is a student organization based out of College of College of the Atlantic that engages with international environmental and sustainable development politics. We have been following the process leading up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and we are concerned with the lack of ambition and the lack of political commitment. This video lays out our main concerns, and out vision for an alternative future. In Rio de Janeiro in June, we will be reporting directly from the United Nations meetings and analyzing the politics straight from the halls of power as well as the alternatives given by the People. What is the Future We Really Want? What will it take to get it?

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  1. And you can’t even join Greenpeace in New York! Thanks for stopping to talk with us…and do great work in Rio.

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