Reactions to the People’s Summit

  By Anna Odell  After my first week in Rio, which I spent almost entirely cooped up in buildings, I was ready for a change of scenery. After spending just three days at the PrepComm in Riocentro with UN delegates and negotiators made me crave the sunlight and some fresh air. I was looking forward to feeling some sand beneath my toes and to finding some inspiration at People’s...

Conference Rio+20: A message to Indigenous people from Andrea Carmem (with subtitles in Spanish)

Interviewer Anyuri Betegón To spread the voice of others. Here is a message to indigenous people from Andrea Carmem, Excecutive Director International Indian Treatry Council, and a little bit of what happened during the PrepCom.   Conference Rio+20: A message for the indigenous people (with subtitles in Spanish) from on Vimeo.