Earth in Brackets + the United Nations
The United Nations is a complicated institution, here’s our introduction to its structure. Keep your short-term memory sharp, since the UN speaks the language of acronyms, and you’ll likely come across many that you had never seen, but hopefully some of these will be familiar to you. Any questions? Then, let’s go.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: A Visual Introduction

The Climate Convention (UNFCCC)has grown into a many ringed circus over the years and as such can be unnavigable to everyone but seasoned veterans. Despite being the most prominent multilateral environmental agreement, the interplay between the many features of the UNFCCC’s structure is not well understood. We hope that this map gives at least a cursory overview from which to dive into the depths!

The Convention on Biological Diversity: A Visual Introduction
The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is another part of the UN framework that we engage with. In an effort to facilitate young people (and all people) interested in biodiversity to engage with the CBD, we’ve created this map. Its structure may seem hazy and confusing, but it just takes getting used to.

The Committee on World Food Security: A Visual Introduction
to one of the intergovernmental forums that is at the core of food politics: the Commitee on World Food Security (CFS).The CFS is a progressively structured political forum, since it allows Civil Society to participate fully, but there are many other aspects to how it works. Here’s our little introduction.

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What is Climate Justice?
How can humanity respond to the crisis of climate change in a fair and equitable way? What principles and broader struggles come in to the climate discussions? Read our primer to find out…

What is Food Sovereignty?
This primer compares the different responses to the world food crisis: the food security paradigm, as advanced by the FAO, and the food sovereignty paradigm, advanced by peasant groups such as La Via Campesina.

What is Water Scarcity?
This primer explains the reality of the water crisis, the attempts at false solutions, and the options for real solutions.

What is the Green Economy?
The idea of ‘Green Economy’ has been pushed to the fore of sustainable development discussions. But what does that mean and why has there been wide resistance?