[Closing Statement to Rio+20]

  The following is a a statement that was drafted by a group of people in the Major Group for Children and Youth. It was supposed to be delivered to the closing plenary of Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development tonight (Friday 22nd June 2012). The UN decided initially that ALL of civil society (represented by 9 Major Groups) would have 2 minutes total in which to addredd world...

Reaction to Brazil’s “Presentation of a New Text”

Julian gives an update on today's events: As host country, Brazil takes charge of negotiations, and developes a new text (with merged and newly agreed-upon paragraphs) for the work to continue on. Then they distribute it...in the delegates-only pavilion. Oh, and Switzerland wants to go to the beach.  

Responding to Youth Blast questions

by nathan thanki On the second morning of the international section of the #youthblast, the organisers asked those gathered as the Major Group for Children and Youth (the official Youth constituency for this UN process) a series of "questions you were always too afraid to ask" about Rio+20. As a group we hesitantly attempted to answer the following:   What do we do after Rio? How...

Date with History (again)

"The Future We Want" Earth in Brackets from Devin Altobello Documentarian on Vimeo.   The Date with History competition is long gone, but we thought that we'd share our entry, our vision, ahead of the opening of the prep comm in Rio tomorrow, where negotiations will resume on "The Future We Want," a document that is many miles off the Future We Really Want.