Opening intervention to the AWG LCA

~Written by YOUNGO and meant to be delivered by Olivia Andersson from Sweden

Thank you chair. My name is Olivia and I am 20 years old. We make this intervention during a small window of opportunity. Critical decisions on ambitious climate action need to be agreed upon for LCA’s mandate to arrive at a successful and forward-looking conclusion in Doha. We trust that all parties will negotiate in good faith and be able to overcome the remaining differences to achieve a comprehensive outcome that all stakeholders can be proud of.

We would like to specifically comment on 3 issues that are essential to success in Doha. First, on shared vision, where a 1.5degree long-term target is essential. A time-frame for global emission peaking needs to be outlined and implemented immediately. To achieve a 1.5C target we must move forward with ambitious reduction pledges. Therefore, the review process must reflect scientific reality, not simply narrow political possibility.

Second, we believe that transparency of emission reduction pledges for both developed and developing countries are fundamental for facilitating an equitable emissions reduction programme. We hope that the workshops to be held during this session will be taken full advantage of. They will allow for all parties and observers to clearly understand the current level of total ambition and find viable pathways to tangibly increase that, paying full attention to the principles of the Convention.

Finally, resolving the sources of long-term finance this year will be another crucial indicator for success. Despite current fiscal difficulties, the provision of public money is the foundation for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change. Developed countries have not met this responsibility to establish the framework for innovative, fair, and additional finances available on a sustained and predictable basis. Young people in the developing world are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Therefore, many communities require the prompt mobilization of finances to ensure a balance of funding between adaptation and mitigation funding within the new GCF. Your promises must be acted on.

We remind you that just because the LCA is coming to a close does not mean parties abandon the Bali Road Map. The principles of the Convention were strongly affirmed in Bali. It laid out a plan to cut emissions by using comparable efforts and approaches to emissions reductions that was based on historical and common but differentiated responsibilities. If we remain committed to these principles and show real ambition, the years of hard work in the LCA will not be in vain.

Thank you,

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