How the Paris Agreement FCCC’ed Us Over

by Aneesa Khan
To be in a room for seven whole hours is arduous in itself. However, for that room to be one filled with painfully complacent idiots, the overpowering smell of corporate power, and sickeningly thundering applause? Well, that can only be described as torturous. Feelings along the lines of delirious levels of fury, profound misery and a fairly good amount of second-hand embarrassment for those in the room were inevitable and rampant.

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A Message Home to the US: What Actually Happened at COP21

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by Morgan Heckerd

Over the past two weeks 196 governments have spent hours within consultation rooms and plenary halls in efforts of reaching an agreement. They are here in Paris because they know that the era of emissions need to come to an end. The urgency of climate change is no longer a concept that they can deny.

But– the developed countries have fallen short in adopting the demands of urgency. The Parties have demonstrated that they have heard the affirmations of science, equity and justice. The major issue is that these parties have failed to commit to ambitious contributions. They are willing to increase the global ambition (and call for 1.5º), but from that they have not declared that they will increase their own share to make up this gap. They may be prepared to follow a movement but they are certainly not prepared to lead it. The leadership will come from the millions of people around the world who know how drastic the reform must be.

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Words, words, words: The Failure of the Paris Agreement

In reaction to the text that was released this afternoon, later passed tonight, the spirits today are all different. My heart is heavy and confused: torn between being part of a strong movement that is demanding climate justice while watching a plenary unfold that is delivering an unambitious and immoral deal made of false promises.

The Paris agreement did not start here, or last year. Although during the plenary President Hollande announced that this was the first global agreement on climate, he was ignoring the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change that was signed in 1992. This convention has principles that insists on differentiation between countries, common but differentiation responsibilities, and the need to avoid the dangerous world that is being forced by climate change. It has constantly been under attack from rich countries who have ignored and diluted its core tenants in the last 21 years of negotiations. These principles have been reduced to words without meaning within the Paris agreement and without a proper legal standing and commitments from developed countries

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A Long Term Goal in the Paris Agreement: A Failure Without Differentiation & Equity

By Paige Nygaard

We are getting closer and closer to the end of COP21. Anticipation is growing to seeing what disaster will unfold within the text. Will it be slightly bad? Absolutely terrible? How much will the United States be able to shift the burden of climate change to other countries while also blaming them for any bad deal in Paris?

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Leaders Event and Japanese position toward the COP 21

Leaders Event and Briefing by the Spokesperson of the Government of Japan on the Japanese position toward the COP 21 from the first day of Climate Negotiation

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