Oil, Gas and Coal, Back Up, Back Up!

by Makiko Yoshida

What the Paris Agreement has Failed to Achieve

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Leaders Event and Japanese position toward the COP 21

Leaders Event and Briefing by the Spokesperson of the Government of Japan on the Japanese position toward the COP 21 from the first day of Climate Negotiation

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No justice in Lima Outcome

Declaración de los grupos miembros de Justicia Climática que participaron en la COP, emitido la ultima noche de las negociaciones en rechazo al resultado de Lima. Versión en español disponible en la segunda parte de este blog. 

No Justice in Lima Outcome (English)

This is the statement prepared by CJ groups inside COP20 and published the last night of negotiations in rejection to the outcome of Lima negotiations.

The world faces a planetary emergency: climate change, caused by a system that puts the pursuit of profit above the needs of people and the limits of nature. It is already devastating millions of people across the planet. Climate science predicts we will soon breach critical tipping points and could be locked in to 4-5°c of warming with catastrophic impacts for us all. Read more…

Coal is Killing the Climate and the Warsaw Talks

Reclaim Power

This press release is The People’s Communique on Coal from Reclaim PowerWarsaw.

Poland – Monday 18th, November   – As Australia continued to come under fire for obstructing international climate talks, civil society groups from across the world introduced a ‘People’s Communique on Coal’ into the UN climate summit that concludes this Friday. Read more…

Press Release: Climate activists thrown out for solidarity with victims of typhoon Haiyan

12 NOVEMBER 2013

The UN climate talks opened on Monday in the backdrop of the devastating impacts of Typhoon Haiyan one of the strongest storms ever to hit landfall.

Yeb Sano, climate commissioner for the Philippines made an electrifying and emotional appeal for action on climate. Delegates held an unprecedented 3 minute silence in solidarity, and Mr. Sano broke down recounting how his brother was digging dead bodies out with his bare hands.

In an arrangement with the Philippines delegation to demonstrate their solidarity with those impacted by this climate disaster, civil society were to accompany Mr. Sano from the plenary hall to a side-event. UN-security were informed of the gesture some minutes prior to the action and a green light was given. Despite authorisation, the three young people accompanying Mr. Sano, who unfolded a sign with the names of some of the devastated Filipino towns in a gesture of solidarity, were reprimanded by security and ejected from the UN halls.

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