Favianna Rodriguez


by Aneesa Khan (Originally posted on The Odyssey Online)

Climate activism burn-out and rediscovering a sense of hope in the movement for food justice.

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The European Union Directives on Biofuels

by Klever Descarpontriez


Introduction -

What are biofuels and How did they come into existence?

As the climate crisis worsens and we stand closer to the edge of an imminent climate catastrophe, governments of the world are starting to realize the importance of sustainable energy production. Sadly, not all options currently on the table and marketed as green solutions are actually “green”, or solutions to climate change.

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Gender and Climate Change – understanding the linkages

by Klever Descarpontriez 


Climate change threatens to alter the world as we know it. It poses an environmental and social crisis. Climate change affects genders differently, yet not all genders participate equally in coming up with solutions. Institutional sexism at the decision-making process, prevents women from meaningfully engage in negotiations and politics. This exclusion results in policies that are not gender-responsive, nor gender-sensitive, and that further exacerbates existing inequalities—like poverty and gender inequality for example.  

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The Paris Agreement

guest blog by Daniel Voskoboynik, This Changes Everything UK

For all the dispiriting truths I know about the world, inside of me I still carry impulses of hopeful naiveté: that there are no bad intentions but misguided ones, that things are being constantly improved, that there are always saviours somewhere, that all problems find their cures. These intuitions, engraved in me through innocence and illusion, come and go, but never have they encountered such a direct challenge than during the two weeks I spent at the Paris climate talks.

Over the past weeks, I’ve struggled to make sense of the fallout of Paris. Beyond the assured opinion pieces and the neat narratives, lies an unsettled confusion about what we should understand, and what we should do next.

There is much to parse about the accord itself, and confident conclusions, encased in tidy turns of phrase, seem elusive. But below are a few stories and fragments that inadequately attempt to look back at what was decided, and what may lie ahead.

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Climate displacement: an identity issue


By Aura Silva Martinez

Climate change disasters displace millions of people each year. This is a present reality affecting multiple communities around the world. Despite having the very emblematic figure of the small island states in the Pacific, who are among the most impacted and vulnerable in respects to the effects of climate change, the definition of climate refugees is still at a very early stage. Read more…