Class of 2014

<- Back to Alumni  Ana Puhac / Ana’s blogs Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler / Jivan’s blogs Nathan Thanki / Nathan’s Blogs Taggart Wass / Taggart’s Blogs **************************** Nathan Thanki back to top What are you up to now? ummm… well i just graduated so gimme a minute. I’m in Peru as a sort of floating activist on behalf of the Global Campaign, but […]

“You have never seen a coalition like this before”

by Lara Shirley and J. Taggart Wass Today, in an unprecedented show of solidarity between all elements of civil society, there was a massive walkout of COP19.  The action involved 800 members of civil society protesting the complete lack of progress in this year’s conference. The move was a culmination of many different frustrations: the […]

High Level Round Table Discussion on Markets

by J. Taggart Wass and Adrian Fernandez Jauregui Today, there was a High-level round table aimed to address carbon markets under the UNFCCC titled “market approaches for enhanced climate action”. The event was advertised as a an opportunity for discussion about issues relating to how and where markets are being addressed under the convention and […]

Philippines Solidarity Action COP19

by J. Taggart Wass After Monday’s empowering speech by the Philippines lead negotiator Naderev ‘Yeb’ Sano and his decision to fast in support of his home country until a meaningful COP outcome was in sight, the youth of COP 19 decided to show solidarity for Yeb and the Philippines by participating in a voluntary fast […]