Class of 2014

<- Back to Alumni  Ana Puhac / Ana’s blogs Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler / Jivan’s blogs Nathan Thanki / Nathan’s Blogs Taggart Wass / Taggart’s Blogs **************************** Nathan Thanki back to top What are you up to now? ummm… well i just graduated so gimme a minute. I’m in Peru as a sort of floating activist on behalf of the Global Campaign, but […]

From Petro-States to People-Power: Reflections on PowerShift Atlantic

By Nimisha Bastedo and Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler Canada is a Petro-State – a prime example of a government that bows down to the oil industry while it turns its back on the land’s integrity and people’s basic rights. I’d been trying to keep tabs on my country’s dirty ways from across the border, but hearing it […]

What happened at Rio+20

A few important proposals, and what happened to them By Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler Most of us from the [earth] team spent yesterday recovering from a six hour-long action at the RioCentro that included a People’s Plenary and walkout. There is a lot to be said about that process of protest, catharsis, and democracy in its rawest […]

No more brackets, at least for now

By Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler So the night before last the Brazilian government came up with a new negotiating text, and from now on they will be chairing the negotiations.  Being the host country has its perks.  The consensus seems to be that the new version isn’t terrible but it leaves out a lot of important stuff, […]

Urgency and Emergency

A conversation with a delegate By Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler The shuttle to the UN conference center only stops in front of the major hotels, where the important country delegates are staying.  Hot air rises to upper-income accommodation.  After the walk or taxi ride to the nearest hotel, it’s another hour by bus to get to the […]