10 things that are wrong with this approach to “equity”

Ever since our own Anjali Appadurai stood before world leaders at the 2011 Durban climate talks to demand “equity now,” echoing a longstanding demand of climate justice movements across the world, there has been an increasing use of the word in discussions on international climate change policy. The idea of equity is contested, as everyone from social movement leaders to former Heads of State tries to get a slice of the action. Everyone is touting their vision of how equity, and therefore climate justice, can be operationalized at the international level in the negotiation of a new global clime agreement. They’re trying to put in practice in 2015 what the Convention set out in principle in 1992. What many academics and advocates are attempting, at least nominally, is to figure out how to fairly determine each countries’ responsibility for emissions reductions in order to meet an aggregate global goal of emissions reductions that limits the planet to a safe[1] level of warming. Read more…

From Petro-States to People-Power: Reflections on PowerShift Atlantic

By Nimisha Bastedo and Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler

Canada is a Petro-State – a prime example of a government that bows down to the oil industry while it turns its back on the land’s integrity and people’s basic rights. I’d been trying to keep tabs on my country’s dirty ways from across the border, but hearing it straight from those working on the front lines made it even more of a reality. Read more…


Enbridge’s Northern Gateway to Destruction

By Nimisha Bastedo

The rally in Portland last Saturday does not and cannot stand alone. While we try to prevent Tar Sands oil from entering the Northeast, and the battle against the Keystone XL continues, the Alberta Tar Sands still show no signs of defeat. Over a million barrels of the world’s dirtiest oil continue to be extracted every day. Even if Canada can’t send its oil South, there’s still the option of exporting it out West. The Conservative government continues to push for Enbridge’s grand proposal: The Northern Gateway Project—1,170km of pipeline to pump oil from the Tar Sands to the coast of British Columbia for export to the US and Asia. It doesn’t take much examination to see that, like the other proposed pipelines, this project is not a gateway to ‘prosperity for all’ as the company suggests, but merely a gateway to more environmental, social and cultural destruction.

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We stand with the Philippines

Today in the AWG-KP closing plenary the Chair forwarded a contentious draft text to the next level of negotiations; the Phillipines gave this tearful intervention among applause from civil society

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[earth] plans an outing

on a lighter note… 

real life email thread  straight from Doha… where the weekend approaches. and we don't know how to react. 

(photo cred: Cam Fenton)


Chair's text: 


As Minister of Fun Times, I give you a brief update from home base.

Down-time: Suben informs me that there is a town built for the movie 'Transformers', an epic tale of love and machinery starring Shaia LeBeef, a bit outside of Doha that is deserted and a good place for camping/stargazing/legal desert camp fires. It's called film city. There are no cinemas there, though.

There is also apparently an awesome sounding beach with cheap dune-buggies and camel rides somewhere outside of Doha.

Also, there's a falconry shop near the place we got Kaba, Hot Doogs, and Borgers the other nice. I hereby declare this awesome.

Your humble servant,

Minister of Fun Times

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