Al Gore, in the bag !

It is Thursday of the second and last week at the climate negotiation in Lima. As always after a quick and minimalist breakfast in our hostel I walk the three blocks down to arrive to one of the special shuttle-bus stands, at which some of the ten thousand conference participants take the daily route to arrive at the conference’s convergence space. On the bus, right before putting on my headphones, I eavesdrop a conversation of two men in beautiful suits sitting right in front of me. They are talking in Spanish about the different possible words Kerry might Read more…

Kate Dooley Interview

On Dec. 6 during the Global Landscape Forum (a side event happening in parallel with the COP) Kate Dooley, a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and an expert in carbon markets, carbon trading and forests and land-use, was part of a panel discussing “A rights-based approach to comprehensive land use planning”. Proceeding the talk, Kate was kind enough to give [earth] some of her time to make a short interview on some of the concepts that are on the table during the current COP 20 in Lima, and in the road to the 2015 Paris agreement. The conversation covers issues such as land-use under the new agreement, ‘“false solutions”, INDC’s, the non-paper, equity and the slogan “system change not climate change”.

Interview by Maria Escalante and Omer Shamir