The 10 First Days of Trump

It has been 10 days since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the president of the US. Already, Trump has moved forward with some of the promises we secretly and openly hoped would never come true. Here are some of the major actions undertaken thus far by the new president; Read more…

#NoDAPL calling party

Last night we organized a calling party at College of the Atlantic. We called banks, the White House, the US Army Corps, Safariland and other parties to continue the momentum of #NoDAPL movement.


One of our members calling a bank, asking them
to divest from Energy Transfer and DAPL. 


The disaster of hurricane Matthew in Haiti – a consequence of climate change

by Sara Löwgren 

Once again a poor country which has contributed insignificantly to climate change has been hit catastrophically by its consequences. As our climate continues to change as a result of our irresponsible actions vulnerable countries continue to suffer from the impacts.

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