More Demonstrations, More Security

by Michael

Representatives of the youth of our planet once again demonstrated on the grounds of the Gigiri Complex at this year’s COP/MOP. The youth who demonstrated were no longer allowed to do so in the main lobby, but were instead regulated to the grass near the entrance. Nevertheless, all entering delegates had the opportunity to witness us holding five signs which listed numbers descending from 5 to 0 urging the delegates to intensify their actions due to the urgency of the situation. Unfortunately, attending today’s COP/MOP session on the Russian proposal, none of this urgency was present. The session started half an hour late, only went on for a half hour, and consisted entirely of technical problems and two readings of a report by Ghana on recommendations for how to deal with the Russian Proposal. This proposal was put forth by Russia at last year’s COP/MOP, and it sought to create procedures for those states which wished to become part of Annex B, and thus take upon themselves voluntary commitments, to do so. At the meeting, delegates were graced with the information that many parties thought the Proposal should be pushed aside to some working group, and maybe also to a later date. The Conference President then ended the meeting with the declaration that further decisions would have to be made at the high-level sessions beginning Wednesday.

Another note on this morning’s demonstration: For the nine youth present, there were as many as ten security guards around us. Some smiled, but most bristled when us demonstrators starting singing “Ooo, it’s getting hot in here / There’s too much carbon in the atmosphere! / Take action, take action, and get some satisfaction!” We are looking forward to more actions and more substantial progress at this conference/meeting.

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