We may be small…

by Sarah

Connie Hedegaard, Minister of Environment of Denmark, just made the most exciting speech I have heard here so far.

Perhaps it is my Danish pride surfacing, but this dynamic speaker not only hit the nail on the head by saying that, although we make progress at these meetings, COP is a frustrating process that is not enough, but enthusiastically announced DK’s bid to host COP15-COP/MOP5 in Copenhagen.

These conferences are not enough, Ms. Hedegaard said, and they are too slow. However, she expressed great hope in our ability to come together, and it seems Denmark is willing to take a leadership role. This is important, as the EU as a whole has been waffling in these negotiations and getting a lot of flack from environmentalists because of it.

But Ms. Hedegaard’s message is clear and exciting: “This is the window of opportunity, and we can seize it together.”

Yay Denmark!

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