Financing & Addressing Climate Change: Root Problems with Climate Finance

by Bogdan Zymka Whether you like it or hate it with every atom in your being, money is what makes the world go-round these days.  It is the same with climate finance; you can’t have implementation without the means to do so. Climate change has already caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage and is […]

Standing Committee and Long-Term Finance under UNFCCC

by Bogdan Zymka Finance is a crucial aspect of making the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change an effective regime. The finance system under the UNFCCC is extremely complex. The beginning of the financial mechanism was established under Article 11 of the convention: “A mechanism for the provision of financial resources on a grant […]

52%, Informed, Empowered, Mobilizing

  by Bogdan Zymka I came to Rio disillusioned. Months of studying Sustainable Development, the UN, arms trade, treaties, subsidiary bodies, institutional frameworks, jurisdictions, trade rules, embargoes, power struggles, internal politics, people’s faces, and people’s policies left me believing that a lot more harm than help is getting done at these conferences. I would go […]

Achim Steiner, Youth Development and the Future of Exploitation for the Natural World

  by Bogdan Zymka Achim Steiner is the Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme. His background includes international development and enviornmnetal policy.  “The environment usually loses to talks of economics.” Steiner was greeted with quiet applause when he arrived for his impromptu visit to the Youth Blast, (a space designated to voice the concerns […]