Day 2 of Post-2015: Presentations and Interactive Debate Afternoon Session

The afternoon session at yesterday’s negotiations was set aside for a very productive and important dialogue. We heard from member states about their experiences regarding their approaches and challenges with implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Four countries – the Netherlands, Myanmar, Colombia and Togo – all had presentations prepared for the General Assembly and after those presentations, the General Assembly heard open interventions from the floor.

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Day 1 of the Post-2015 SDG Intergovernmental Negotiations

by Jenna Farineau

Yesterday marked the beginning of the five day “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Intergovernmental Negotiations” at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The purpose of this conference is for member states to define the post-2015 development agenda that will be launched at a summit this September in recognition that the millennium development goals will reach their expiration date by the time of that conference. Representing Earth in Brackets and College of the Atlantic at this conference are Aura Silva, Kimberly Lopez, Makiko Yoshida and myself, Jenna Farineau. Read more…

Sustainability: A First World Problem

Due to my old-school version of note taking—by hand and chronologically, in a little notebook—I unfortunately cannot recall the full context in which session staffer Stephanie Hanson of the One Acre Fund talked about sustainability, but I’ll give it the good old college try.  Ms. Hanson stated that the question of sustainability – with regard to agricultural development in developing countries – is a “First World question.”  She stated that it is unethical for us “First Worlders” to debate the sustainability of agricultural practices in countries where people are hungry and suffer from poverty. Read more…

You Could Have It All – Day 5 and Report of OWG12

by khristian méndez //

The 12th session of the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals has come to an end. At 5pm on friday, co-chair Kamau wrapped up the informal session of negotiations of the OWG, and opened the formal consultations, to be wrapped up 30 minutes later. During all of Friday, we heard the positions from 20+ member states on the final proposed SDG: Means of Implementation.

Means of Implementation (MOI) is not only high on the priority list for many countries, it is indeed a deal breaker for many of them. In general, the day proceeded slow, which some statements taking up to 25 minutes. Given the controversial nature of this proposed goal, there were of course several speakers on the list, so the chairs asked everyone to be brief. Find out more after the jump!

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Heat in the Room – Day 4 OWG12

by khristian méndez //

Temperature has risen in New York City, both on all of the concrete and glass surfaces of this giant man-made complex, as well as in the negotiation rooms. Everybody can agree that we need to eradicate poverty, have access to food, education and health, but as we descend down the list of goals, the views become more and more heated.

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