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Diversification for Sustainability – Lobster fishing and Aquaculture in Maine

By Zebadiah Campbell


My name is Zebadiah Campbell. I am an eighth generation lobster fisherman and a second generation oyster farmer from North Haven, Maine. North Haven is an island 12 miles out to sea in Penobscot Bay. The island is home to a year round population of 350 people and 45 of these islanders are licensed commercial fisherman. This small number of fishermen make for a close knit, and sometimes high tension relationship between the fishermen themselves. We all work very closely with one another which can be a blessing and curse. There are times when conflicts happen, however the intimate nature of the small fishing community typically breeds wishes for fair winds and following seas to one another.

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“Water for Sustainable Growth” — What are we talking about here?

Guest blog by Galen Hecht

Report from World Water Week, Stockholm, August 28-September 2, 2016

“We need a circular economy,” a different model, one that defies the structures that our lawmakers are accustomed to. To achieve water security and sanitation, we need a model that will create self supporting systems, an economy based not on linear growth, but on natural cycles like that of water. This was the resounding message at the finale of World Water Week, spoken by Pablo Bereciartua, Argentina’s Undersecretary for Water Resources, and Torkil Jonch Clauser, of the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) who hosted the event.

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When our hearts are in the Earth

By Kendall Cook

After traveling thirty hours, from visiting family in Mexico to landing in France, I convene with environmental activists whose homes are dispersed throughout the globe.  Homes that are keeping the remaining parts of their hearts safe for them, as they separate momentarily from the soil that raised them, to protect that same mother that birthed them.

Here, I will spend two weeks under the adoption of my Parisian comrades’ home, and leave behind a part of my heart in one of the many places I consider home: the Columbia River Gorge in the Northern Oregon.  We sacrifice time with our homeland and its inhabitants, to fight for the continuity and strength of our earth’s heartbeat, as we know it.  I crossed the Sierra Madres, Rocky Mountains, every canyon, desert, prairie, forest, and ocean in between, and have ended up planting my feet into the lush green grasses of Bois de Vincennes, cherishing the distinct heartbeat of Paris’s historic park. Read more…

Post-2015 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals: sessions 1 and 2 on Indicators for Goals and Targets

The Monday sessions and the Tuesday morning session focused on member states delivering their concerns about the list of indicators presented by the Statistical Committee for measuring the implementation of the targets for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the Post-2015 agenda. The general notions among member states suggested  that this first draft for the indicators shows there is still a lot of work to be done. The main problem with the current list of indicators can be partially explained by the fact that work had to be accelerated in order to present the list before the current negotiations.

It was acknowledge by most nations that the proper development of the indicators constitutes a crucial part for the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets. The Statistical Committee submitted a timeline for the development of the indicators, which has its culmination date by March 2016, along with the preliminary list of indicators to the Chair. This was presented to the General Assambly to ask for comments and reactions.

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Introduction to Sustainable Development

IMG_7302So here we are writing blogs about the SDGs, talking about how there are these indicators supporting targets, and targets supporting goals and goals that make up this giant 15 year plan – yet you might not even know what any of this means. First of all, you probably want to know the conference we are attending. The four of us, Jenna Farineau, Aura Silva, Makiko Yoshida, and myself, Kimberly Lopez, are attending the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Intergovernmental Negotiations. Read more…