What the BBC is saying: EU to blame for stalling in talks

From BBC News:

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7 December 2012 Last updated at 15:58 GMT

'Hot-air' release at Doha climate talks dispels tension


By Roger Harrabin Environment analyst, Doha, Qatar

Details have emerged of a deal to solve the "hot air" row undermining the EU in the UN climate change talks in Doha.

The term refers to unused, tradeable carbon emission permits given to Eastern European nations.

They are among a number of issues that threaten to stall progress at the talks, due to end on Friday evening….

Lidy Nacpil, director of the Asia/Pacific branch of NGO network Jubilee South, called on delegates to reject the negotiating texts: "We are a million miles from where we need to be to even have a small chance of preventing runaway climate change," she said.

Ms Nacpil is based in the Philippines which is currently experiencing devastation as a result of Typhoon Bopha.

"We cannot go back to our countries and tell them that we allowed this to happen, that we condemned our own future. We cannot go back to the Philippines, to our dead, to our homeless, to our outrage, and tell them that we accepted this."

She puts the blame for failure on rich nations, especially Canada and Japan which refused to sign up to a new interim commitment for the Kyoto Protocol.

Asad Rehman, for Friends of the Earth International, also dismissed the European Union's offers as "an empty shell, an insult to our futures. There is literally no point in countries signing up to this sham of a deal, which will lock the planet in to many more years of inaction."


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