Lost and damaged: International politics playing with our lives.

By Kendall Cook

I found myself walking through the bourgeois neighborhood Saint-Germain, an ornate path to a prestigious institution where I was meeting an elite group of Loss and Damage experts.  There were about twenty to twenty five people in the room, all professionals over the age of thirty, half of which were sustainable development directors of various NGOs, the other, self-involved bureaucrats.  I was the outlier.

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When our hearts are in the Earth

By Kendall Cook

After traveling thirty hours, from visiting family in Mexico to landing in France, I convene with environmental activists whose homes are dispersed throughout the globe.  Homes that are keeping the remaining parts of their hearts safe for them, as they separate momentarily from the soil that raised them, to protect that same mother that birthed them.

Here, I will spend two weeks under the adoption of my Parisian comrades’ home, and leave behind a part of my heart in one of the many places I consider home: the Columbia River Gorge in the Northern Oregon.  We sacrifice time with our homeland and its inhabitants, to fight for the continuity and strength of our earth’s heartbeat, as we know it.  I crossed the Sierra Madres, Rocky Mountains, every canyon, desert, prairie, forest, and ocean in between, and have ended up planting my feet into the lush green grasses of Bois de Vincennes, cherishing the distinct heartbeat of Paris’s historic park. Read more…